"Last morning..." is how my eldest, Elise, described anything in the past. Now, she's starting kindergarten and has no use for this phrase! I want to remember this, along with all of our stories, so I'm putting it here on Last Morning's Adventures. I hope you can either relate or get a laugh. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


If you read this title and immediately thought of the necklace you got when you were 10 that says BE FRI FOR, then you already understand the childhood friendship I had and still have. If you don't already know, I don't know where to begin. Well, for starters, it's a heart necklace and one girl wears the BE FRI FOR half and the other wears the half that says ST ENDS EVER....together it says BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. Besides that, well...it's an anchor that helped you survive childhood.

Last weekend, my inseparable childhood BFF came in town with her family---like a week and a half ago last weekend---yes, I'm running behind! Give me a break! I've been traveling and having visitors. Jeez! Well, she arrived on her birthday, April 8, which is one of the only birthdays I can store in my brain: my sister's, my mom's, my husband's, mine, my two daughters' and Laurie's. That's just how it is when you do EVERYTHING with someone from 4th grade through 12th grade. You go on family vacations together, you never miss a beat even if you've missed the last 4 months, you stay up all night chatting even when you know you have kids waking up bright and early the next morning---which they did! But, they were so cute together!! The four older ones had a slumber party in Elise's room, and, well, Evie was left out. But, not for long! That girl has never gotten as much attention as she did last weekend! She's still confused why someone isn't holding her all of the time! So, we didn't get any pics of the us, but here is a throw back to us:


Too cute, right?! :) But, I must point out that ALL 9 of us had a blast. The Daddies got along, the Mommies got along, and the kiddos got along. We were one big warm, fuzzy bowl of fun. Well, at least, after the coffee...

... and ice cream for the kids! 

Somehow it always shocks me how much these two have grown up. Boo, I expect to be 18 months. I guess because that's when I first got to know his fiery personality. He's so charming and makes you want to do anything for him. Now, D-Bird, I always think of her as 2. Since she is 7 now, I really need to get with the program! She's now a little mother hen to my baby, who as seen below is also a little bird!
We love, love, love this family like our own, and it was great to get to spend some quality time with them. Thanks for making the drive, guys!


  1. Hey, I didn't know you had a blog. Thanks for sharing. So cute. It makes me grateful my BBF lives in town. I think I often take that for granted.

  2. yep, we are so lucky when we have friends like that!!! long time friends that are just like family as well as when we're lucky enough to meet new friends just like family!

  3. This brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for sharing and letting us be a part of the reunion. I know you must have some pictures of you all not much older than Dillon.