"Last morning..." is how my eldest, Elise, described anything in the past. Now, she's starting kindergarten and has no use for this phrase! I want to remember this, along with all of our stories, so I'm putting it here on Last Morning's Adventures. I hope you can either relate or get a laugh. :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Four Likes and a Jab

Soooo....I asked a very specific question: What is your preference? 1. Dear Jackie. 2. Embarrass Myself. 3. Get Out of the Blogging Sphere.

My response: four likes and a jab. Hmmm. Don't get me wrong. I'm glad somebody did in fact read and like my post. It just makes it difficult to interpret your preference. Well, everyone except my sister, that is. She was very decisive: OPTION 2! But, of course she would say that. What sibling wouldn't say she wanted her older sister to embarrass herself?? I also had an anonymous tip to do the food thing and what I'm assuming was a desperate plea for the Dear Jackie. So, it looks like the four LIKES won!! I will throw out Option 3 and continue blogging...I'm sure that at some point the topic will make itself known. ;)

So, for now, here's a question fo-o--oorrr YOU! (for you non-moms, that's a quote from Elmo's World) What is your advice for someone who wants to have a cabinet for her baby play in but would like to have some inkling where her tupperware matches are? The system below isn't really working for me:

For my reader who wants to laugh at me: check. So, for my reader who wants something about food, I'm going to Publix this afternoon. Hopefully, tomorrow you will have some eye candy! For my Dear Jackie fan, I need another question.

Over and out. I hope that all seven of you have a fulfilled day! Love ya!


  1. Love this Jackie! You've given me a "push" - I started a blog last summer and haven't touched it since then - Maybe I won't wait 11 months!

  2. I like option 2 as well. I just couldn't get my comment to go through. I would love to read your embarrassing stories! Would rather live them with you like old times, but don't think that is going to happen. To yesterday's post: I think you looked beautiful in that picture. You really don't need makeup:) To todays post: I have a cabinet that looks exactly like that and have no advice on how to fix the problem. I am going to wait about 3 years and then reorganize it.