"Last morning..." is how my eldest, Elise, described anything in the past. Now, she's starting kindergarten and has no use for this phrase! I want to remember this, along with all of our stories, so I'm putting it here on Last Morning's Adventures. I hope you can either relate or get a laugh. :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. We had a scare that I was pregnant yesterday...even went to the doctor and took a blood test!

2. By the time I got the results from #1, I was sad that it was negative! (Anyone who saw my green face a year and a half ago knows why this is amazing)

3. Elise says thirty-free and lellow and slickery.

4. Elise starts kindergarten this fall and will probably stop saying thirty-free, lellow and slickery. :(

5. Evie loves bathtime:
6. Evie loves music class and gets in the middle of the circle and dances and sings.

7. I love it when someone comments on my post.

8. 23 days until the beach and 31 days until Seattle!

9. As a bargaining chip for going on the two girls' trips mentioned in #8, I gave up my God-given-right to complain for the ENTIRE month of April!

10. I know I have a great life (but #9 will still be INCREDIBLY difficult for me!)


  1. 11. you deserve a great life you beautiful girl.

  2. I for one would have been jumping for joy@another baby! Keep blogging girlfriend, you make me laugh.