"Last morning..." is how my eldest, Elise, described anything in the past. Now, she's starting kindergarten and has no use for this phrase! I want to remember this, along with all of our stories, so I'm putting it here on Last Morning's Adventures. I hope you can either relate or get a laugh. :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cancer Sucks!

I saw a sticker on a passing car that said "Cancer Sucks." How true. It seems that everyone has been touched in some way by this awful disease. Holding strong to our serenity, joy, and fervor for life is difficult at best. A friend of mine said he would crawl into a hole and never tell anyone if he got cancer. I think I would go on Oprah. Now, someone I love has cancer, so I decided to run in a Race for the Cure 5K. I know...it doesn't seem adequate. Then, again, what does?
It was very motivating to be a part of a race with 4000 women, wearing a lot of pink. However, the person I ran for doesn't have breast cancer---or breasts for that matter! I'm not going to say who it is, because he is very private...

While I was running, I tried to separate my pain from my desire to finish. I imagined fighting something within my own body. I felt somewhat successful. I finished 602nd, I raised $125, and I felt hope for a cure.

Although Cancer is still my enemy, in its wake I have found an amazing human spirit that I did not believe existed. I have learned to enjoy the life I have instead of wishing it were different. Carpe diem, my friends!

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